Cathy Pilarski

Cathy is Midwest native but spent most of her life in Tucson, AZ soaking up abundant sunshine in the wide-open spaces of the desert Southwest.  Hiking and biking are two of her go-to joy builders; you can see her cycling on The Fall-Creek Greenway in warmer months.  She is a graduate of Northern Arizona University, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  Cathy completed her degree while owning Tucson’s only mobile latte bar business.  She lists “successfully selling coffee in the desert” as a proud achievement.  Cathy is most comfortable living and working “outside the box” and that is why Broadway UMC has been a good fit for her, allowing her to infuse an entrepreneurial flair to the “Building Supervisor” tag.  Cathy finds reading Henri Nouwen most satisfying, yet her preference for music is listening to the club-version of 90’s music she dubs, “happy music!”  Broadway appreciates the “whatever it takes” ethic Cathy brings to her work, something she shares readily with others.