Red Ribbon Jubilee

Together we can End the HIV Epidemic, but the Black community has been left out of the HIV/AIDS conversation and relief efforts for the past 40 years. In the Black community, the campaign against HIV/AIDS did not receive the same attention to combat the incidence and prevalence of the disease, and continues to experience a disproportionate impact today.  In Marion County, 54% of new HIV diagnoses are African American.  The Red Ribbon Jubilee Project seeks to create a bridge between the HIV/AIDS community and the Black Church since it is the primary institution connecting the Black community in America.  Through this partnership we will prioritize HIV awareness, health education, stigma reduction for people living with HIV (PLHIV), and advocate for a cure for HIV.

The Red Ribbon Jubilee Project has 4 pillars that will help us achieve our goal of Ending the HIV Epidemic in Marion County.  Your donations support:

I.) HIV EDUCATION: Offer HIV Health Education for Youth & Young Adults (who are 2x more likely to become HIV+) in the Indianapolis area, Training for Youth HIV Educators, & Create Innovative Resources to Engage Young Learners.

II.) INTERNATIONAL AIDS CONFERENCE SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Provide 4 Adults and 2 High School Students with Full Scholarships to Attend the 2022 IAS International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

III.) HIV WORLD PREMIERE CONCERT GALA: Host a Celebration of Hope in Honor of the HIV Community on September 24, 2022 featuring a stellar musical lineup, and a world premiere composition by Composer, Trevor Zavac & Principal Musician, Wolff von Roos.

IV.) STIGMA FREE INDY: To provide access to the Beloved Community where the lives of people living with HIV are honored and enriched through Peer Support, Social Engagement, the Arts, Spiritual Care, & Belonging.

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Prof. Harold Brown, Project Director & IUPUI Community Scholar