Each week at Broadway, we not only have a sermon but we also have a lay person talk about what they do in the world and why it is important to them. Here is a link to our YouTube page. 

9/27/20 - Let’s See the Proof

by Rev. Aaron Hobbs

9/20/20 - A New Identity

by Rev. Aaron Hobbs

9/13/20 - Just Work, Holy Work

by Rev. Alicia Baker

9/13/2020 - LCC

by Melissa Lima

9/6/20 - Turn & Live

by Rev. Aaron Hobbs

8/30/20 - Overcome

by Rev. Aaron Hobbs

8/23/20 - Who Do You Say That I Am?

by Rev. Aaron Hobbs

8/23/2020 - LCC

by Greg O’Connor

8/16/20 - Breaking Tradition for Good

by Rev. Alicia Baker

8/16/2020 - LCC

by Abigail Lane

8/9/20 - In the Boat Together

by Rev. Aaron Hobbs

8/9/2020 - LCC

by Bria Rochelle & Kiana Hertogh

8/2/20 - Under the Cover of Night

by Bria Rochelle

8/2/2020 - LCC

by Cathy Pilarski

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